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UK time is the central reference of time zones all across the globe. The Greenwich of London is considered as  0º of the longitudinal division of the globe and taken as the centre of the world. Moreover, the UK is the first country to use the standard time for the whole country.


The time at UK's capital London was initially named "London time" but it was referred to as GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time ) in 1847. Later it was named UTC ( Universal Time Coordinated ) and now it is called " Universal Coordinated Time " but still denoted by UTC. Time Zones of different regions and countries of the world are calculated and coordinated with this UTC/GMT time. 


This page brings you a digital ticking clock with 

UK time (UTC/GMT+00:00):


Country: United Kingdom
Time zone abbreviation: UTC/GMT
Time zone name: Coordinated Universal Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT+00:00
Observe DST: Yes


Is UK on GMT or BST now?

GMT is the most common time zone used in Ireland as well as it is also the time zone for Ireland and United Kingdom, including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The countries all use DST throughout the year, however under various names. It is the United Kingdom and its Crown dependents utilize British Summer Time during the DST timeframe.

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