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India is situated in South Asia. New Delhi is the capital of India. Despite having one of the biggest geographical expansions, India uses only a one-time zone. This is the second-largest country after China which uses only a one-time zone despite having notable time differences in different portions of it.


The time used in India is IST(Indian Standard Time) which is five & a half-hour ahead of UTC/GMT (i.e +5:30 hours UTC/GMT). This time is used all over India as standard time. Similar to China, Pakistan and all Asian Countries, India also does not follow the DST strategy for reducing energy consumption. 

New Delhi time (UTC/GMT+05:30):


Country: India
Time zone abbreviation: IST
Time zone name: Indian Standard Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT+05:30
Observe DST: No


Do clocks change in Delhi?

India at present notices India Standard Time (IST) throughout the year. Sunlight Saving Time has not been utilized since our records start, in 1970. DST information from before 1970 isn't accessible for New Delhi, India. Be that as it may, we have prior DST history for Kolkata, India accessible.

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