Financial calculators

Online free financial calculators assist the users to calculate interest on different loans or deposits. The users can instantly calculate simple interests, effective interests as well as compound interests of their loans and deposits of banks or insurance. Moreover, users can also estimate their different taxes via VAT and GST calculators. Where VAT stands for  Value Added Tax and GST stands for Goods & Services Tax.

Manage & Calculate Interests and Taxes with Online Financial Calculators

Online calculators specially designed to manage and calculate different financial calculations help the user to get all solutions to their financial calculations. Users can find and assess the amount of interest on their bank deposits & loans as well as can find out the annual GST & VAT taxes.


You can access interest formulas for compound & simple interests to calculate the value of respective interests on your amount. You can also estimate the effective interest rate on your different deposits. You can also know GST and VAT taxes accurately with these financial calculators. 

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