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Sending images to someone was never easy before the internet. Though the internet provided a variety of platforms to share images all across the globe but in most of the apps and platforms, the image quality is disturbed while sharing.


To maintain the quality of the image being shared, people nowadays send this image in PDF file format. PDF file format is popular for image sharing just because it ensures the high quality of images. We bring an online converter which converts your images to PDF files so that you can easily share them without any image quality problems while sharing. 


To convert your images to PDF, just select the file from your local disc by clicking on the file's icon on this page or directly take an image with the camera option given on this page. You can drag or crop the image accordingly or remove the image to replace it with another one. After selecting and adjusting the image, select the page size, page orientation, page margins, image size & image title and click on the PDF save or PDF create button to save or create the PDF file of your given image. 




* Prefer to email or print double sided to save paper.

How do I convert a JPEG to a PDF without losing quality?

Click the Select a record button above or intuitive documents into the drop zone. Select the picture record you need to switch over completely to PDF. In the wake of transferring, Acrobat naturally switches the document from picture over completely to PDF. Download your compacted PDF record or sign in to share it.

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