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China is the largest country by area that is using only one time zone. China is such a vast and extended country that spans as many as 5 time zones. But this country uses only one time zone which is CST(China Standard Time). Locally this time zone is often referred to as Beijing Time(BJT).


GMT/UTC+8 hrs is the offset of China Standard time which means China's time is 8 hours ahead of the global time. None of the Chinese territories follows DST( Daylight Saving Time). Hence CST is the only time used throughout the year all across China. 


This Page brings a short preview of the time used in China as well as a ticking clock with accurate China Standard Time. 


China time (UTC/GMT+08:00):


Country: China
Time zone abbreviation: CST
Time zone name: China Standard Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT+08:00
Observe DST: No


Does China have the same time?

In reality, all of China follows the same time zone, which is UTC+8.. It is known worldwide as China Standard Time (CST). In China this time zone has been called Beijing Time. Macau along with Hong Kong are special administrative areas of China and share the same offset to UTC like the rest of the country.

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