Grade calculators

Grade Calculators are used for calculating your marks scored in a university, college, or school exam or any test. you can conveniently convert your numbers into different evaluation criteria including GPA ( Grade Point Average) percentage or letter grades system ( i.e A, B, C, D, or F grade ). you can also convert different evaluation criteria into each other. 

Calculate Your marks in GPA, Percentage & Letter Grades

Grades are the evaluation scores of your performances in different exams and tests. grades are calculated into different grading systems which include GPA, percentage system, and letter grading system. with online grade calculators you can easily convert your test/exam scores into grades according to different grade systems.


GPA calculator

You can directly convert your obtained numbers into GPA. while GPA stands for Grade Point Average. it is a grading system in which your total numbers are equivalent to a 4.0 grade and your obtained numbers are converted into GPA accordingly.


Final grade

A final grade calculator is also there to calculate your final performance in different semesters or years of your educational career. your final grade is actually the mean of your grades in all semesters/years. 


Letter grade

A letter grade calculator is to assess your performance into letter grades. These letter grades are usually A+, A, B, C, D, or F. these grades are given according to the number of marks scored by the student. 


Grade Conversions

These Grade calculators also serve as grade converters and easily convert different grades onto each other. within seconds you can convert your GPA to letter grade or percentage and letter grade to GPA or percentage. 

Manage, convert and calculate your marks and performance grade with these easy to use online grade calculators rather than stuck in complicated and time-consuming traditional formula calculations.

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