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A calculator is a machine that simplifies and solves different mathematical problems. Try 100% free, secure, accurate, and easy to use online calculators. Our online calculators include CGPA calculators, Financial calculators, wire calculators, electrical calculators, and time calculators. So try these 100% free, accurate and lightning-fast calculators to get solutions to all your mathematical, financial and time-related calculations.

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Online Platform for All Types of Calculators

online calculators are easy to use, 100% free, lightning-fast and give solutions to plenty of different kinds of financial, numerical, electrical and time-related calculation problems.  traditional calculator or your mobile's built-in calculator limits you only to calculate numbers but these online calculators expand your calculation with a wide array of offered calculators.


Grade calculators

Grade calculator is to calculate CGPA  and your marks in college, school or university. convert your marks into GPA ( grade point average), percentage, and also convert your letter grades( A, B, C, D or F grade) into percentage and GPA.


Financial Calculators

Financial calculators assist you to calculate simple, effective and compound interest rates and values. These also help you to calculate VAT( Value Added Tax) and GST ( Goods & Services Tax). Manage and calculate all your financial calculations with these automatic, swift & accurate financial calculators.


Wire Calculators

Our online calculators also include wire calculators which easily allow you to calculate and compare the gauge of wires. you can easily compare your wire gauges with AWG ( American Wire Gauge) and SWG ( Standard Wire Gauge). 


Time Calculators

Time calculators calculate and convert different time units into each other as well you can know and calculate the time differences between standard times of different countries of the world. you can also compare the standard time of different countries with GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time) which is also referred to as ( UTC ( Universal Time Coordinated).


Electrical Calculators

Electrical calculators are very helpful in electrochemical and electrical physics calculations. You can calculate and convert different units of electrical measurements e.g AMP, kilo ampere, volt, Kilovolt, watt, kilowatt, diode, electric charge and many more. 


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