Text Tools

100% free online text tools assist the users to make different changes, adjustments and analyses of their text. The services offered by online text tools include a characters counter to count all the characters, a line counter to count the number of lines, words counter to count the exact number of words, and a frequency counter to show & count frequently used words of a given text. A converter is also there to change your OCR images into text. 



Online Text Tools & OCR Converter

With our Online text tools, user can analyze their text content with accuracy and free of cost. The deeply analyzing character counter gives you the details of the total number of characters, letters and digits used in the content. The line counter gives details about the number of lines in the content. With words counter and words frequency counter, you can know about the total number of words, total digits used as words, single letter words of text, and how many times a word or keyword is used in the text. 


OCR Image to Text Converter

Moreover, a converter is also offered with OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology. OCR technology recognizes the text characters within an image. With this converter, you can easily extract text from your text containing images and can easily save this text in different text format files.

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