Wire Gauge calculators

Wire calculators are used to calculating the gauge and voltage of different wires. With our online wire calculators, calculate the gauge and voltage of different copper, silver, gold, steel and other metallic & non-metallic wires. you can compare the wires with AWG( American Wire Gauge) and SWG(Standard Wire Gauge). You can also, calculate the characteristics of wires such as cross-section area, diameter, resistance, and voltage with authentic formulas. you can calculate other remaining properties by putting in any of the properties. 

Assess Gauge  and Quality of Wires

wire gauge calculators are the best and most accurate online way to measure the gauge and other properties of different wires for free. You can assess the quality of different wires including copper, silver, gold, nickel, steel, aluminium and other wires. 


You just have to put in the cross-section area, diameter and type of material used for wire. These online wire gauge calculators will automatically assess the quality of wire by calculating its, resistance, gauge, volts capacity and voltage drop. These online calculators also compare your wire's qualities and gauge with AWG (American Wire Gauge) and SWG(Standard Wire Gauge). This is not just a comparison of gauge only but other properties of wires can also be compared. 

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