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A notepad is a tool where you can write or put in the text while exploring or working with different text files. We offer free online notepad and notepad help for the users. Here you can directly use an online notepad as well as can get notepad help to know all about notepad use and its features. 

Online Notepad 

Our online tools also include free online Notepad for the users. The users unfamiliar with notepad and its use can get all the information about the uses and features of notepad from notepad help. 


Online notepad allows the users to put in as much text as they want. They can write, edit, copy, cut and paste the text. users can zoom in or zoom out the text page. You can easily save your text into files or can directly share it from this online notepad. Moreover, this online notepad allows the users to undo and redo the changes made in the text. 

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