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The body calculator is actually Body Mass Index(BMI) which informs you about your body health and fitness. BMI is the mass to length ratio which calculates your body mass in kg per 1 square metre area. The unit of BMI is kg/ square meter. if 1square meter of your body weighs between 18.5 kg to 24.9 kg then your body mass is in a healthy range. A BMI score above or below this healthy range means you are overweighed or less weighed respectively. Come and calculate your BMI score with our online body calculator.

BMI Score & Body Calculator

Usually, body measurements taken for the human body include weight and height, and width of the body. BMI (Body Mass Index) is an advanced way to measure the human body. BMI gives a ratio between the mass of the body and the area of the body. BMI scores suggest whether you are healthy, overweight, or scrawny. 


The online BMI calculator gives you the BMI score of your body. Come and know your BMI score with our online Body calculators by just putting in your body height, body width and body mass. The rest is done by the online body calculator to give you your BMI score with complete accuracy. 

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