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Thailand is one of the central countries of South Asia and follows ICT (Indochina Time) along with Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia. ICT is Indochina Time which is for countries falling in the centre of South Asia.  ICT has a time offset of +7 hours from GMT/UTC (Universal Standard Time). Throughout Thailand, the same time is followed and there is no use of  DST (Daylight Saving Time).


This page brings the time clock for the standard time of Thailand:

Thailand time (UTC/GMT+07:00):


Country: Thailand
Time zone abbreviation: ICT
Time zone name: Indochina Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT+07:00
Observe DST: No


What time in Thailand just now?

Thailand is currently observing Indochina Time (ICT) all the year long. Daylight Saving Time has never been observed in Thailand. Clocks do not change in Thailand. There isn't been any previous DST adjustment in Thailand.

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