British Summer Time Now

Northern Ireland & Great Britain make the United Kingdom together. United Kingdom is shortly abbreviated as the UK. London is UK's Capital City. This city is considered a reference point for time. The time of all the countries and regions is coordinated according to the time of Greenwich time.


Greenwich is a town in London city. Its time is named 'Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). GMT is the time according to which time in the whole world is coordinated. Hence this GMT is now called UTC( Universal Time Coordinated). GMT/UTC is the time used as the standard time all over the United Kingdom.


But as the UK follows Daylight Saving Time(DST) from last Sunday of March & to last Sunday of Oct, so clocks are forwarded by an hour during this period. Daylight Saving Time in Great Britain is termed British Summer Time(BST). BST offset time is GMT/UTC+1hr.


BST time (UTC/GMT+01:00):


Country: United Kingdom
Time zone abbreviation: UTC/GMT
Time zone name: British summer time
Time offset: UTC/GMT+01:00

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