Click Counter - Tally click counter online

Click the '+' button or press the spacebar to tally your count."

Key Details:
Exiting the page retains counter values in your browser's cache. However, clearing browser history or using private mode can erase this cache.

Benefits of the Click Counter:
The click counter is versatile, suitable for tallying objects, scores, or money.

Utilizing the Click Counter:

  • Hit the + or space to add to the count.
  • Use the - button to reduce the count.
  • Click the × to reset.
  • Toggle the More/Less for a secondary counter option.

Operating the Multiple Click Counter:

  • Tap + or space to increase the count.
  • Press - to decrease.
  • Use the × to eliminate the counter.
  • Click on "Add Counter" to introduce a new tally.

How can I count my mouse clicks?

The Clicker Counter is a digital tool designed to tally a variety of items, from object counts and mouse clicks to people, money, inventory, exercise repetitions, tasbih, and more. It's often referred to as an online tally counter.

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