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India is a South Asia country. After China, it is the largest country in Asia having only a single time zone. The time zone of India is referred to as India Standard Time or Indian Standard Time(IST). It edges above UTC/GMT by +5:30 hrs. 


Similar to all other Asian Countries, this country also does not use DST (Daylight Saving Time) as an energy-saving strategy. Here is the ticking clock of IST which is used all over the Indian territories as standard time. 


IST time (UTC/GMT+05:30):


Country: India
Time zone abbreviation: IST
Time zone name: Indian Standard Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT+05:30
Observe DST: No


Does India have 2 time zones?

India is one time zone. India has been officially observing India Standard Time (IST) since 1947. The offset UTC+5:30 is the standard time used in India from 1906. India is a vast country that covers almost 3000 km (1864 miles) from east to west.

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