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Eastern Time(ET) or Eastern Standard Time(EST) is a time zone used in the eastern part of the globe. This time zone encloses all parts of all 23 eastern states of the US as well as eastern territories of Canada, some portions & territories of Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Panama and even the Carebian Islands. 


This Eastern Time has an offset of GMT/UTC-4hrs . All the states and territories falling in this time zone do follow Daylight Saving Time(DST).


EST time (UTC/GMT-05:00):


Country: USA/Canada/Mexico/Panama
Time zone abbreviation: EST
Time zone name: Eastern Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT-05:00
Observe DST: Yes


How does the Eastern time work?

Eastern Standard Time (EST) is one hour behind Central Standard Time (CST). For conversion from EST to CST you must subtract an hour. Eastern Standard Time (EST) is two hour ahead of Mountain Standard Time (MST). For conversion from EST to MST you must subtract 2 hours.

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