OCR image to text

OCR is the abbreviation of 'Optical Character Recognition'. OCR image is a type of image which contains text/character in it. OCR technology used to detect text in scanned documents usually. 


This online text tool changes OCR images into text. Just open the OCR image from the local disc to this converter. Select a language for your text and press the convert button. Your OCR image will be converted into text and you can copy this text or can save this as a text file. 


* Prefer to email or print double sided to save paper.

Moreover, you can directly print this converted text. 

Why is OCR not accurate?

Natural eyes couldn't peruse records that have many clamors, so does the OCR motor. Commotions make the motor hard to peruse unique sources and it can diminish the OCR exactness. In the event that the picture has foundation or frontal area commotion, eliminate it to get a better information extraction.

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