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Alaska is the largest state in the USA by Area but is the most sparsely populated state in the USA. This state follows a time zone named Alaska Standard Time (AKST). AKST is 9 hrs behind the Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) which is global time. 


Similar to most of the states of the USA, Alaska does observe the DST. DST stands for Daylight Saving Time, in which clocks are forwarded by 1hr from the 2nd Sunday of March to the 1st Sunday of Nov, to adjust energy consumption. Daylight Saving for Alaska is termed AKDT (Alaska Daylight Time). During daylight Saving days, the Alaska time lags behind GMT by 8 hours rather than 9 hours of standard days. 


This page has a ticking clock of Alaska's current time up to seconds as well as a short description of Alaska, its time zone and daylight observation.


AKST time (UTC/GMT-09:00):


Country: USA
Time zone abbreviation: AKST
Time zone name: Alaska standard Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT-09:00
Observe DST: Yes

What time zone does Alaska use?

The majority of Alaska follows Alaska Standard Time (AKST) with the corresponding Daylight Saving Time (DST) designation Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT).

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