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Houston is the 4th most popular city in the USA and is situated in Texas in the Southern USA. Texas is one of the unique states that has two time zones. El Paso & Hudspeth are counties of Texas and follow MST(Moutain Standard Time) while Houston & other territories of Texas come in a time zone called CST( Central Standard Time). CST is the central standard time zone used in Central and North America. 


Houston uses CST as its standard time which is 6 hrs behind Universal Coordinated Time( i.e. UTC/GMT). But from the 1st week of November to March's 2nd week it has a -5 hrs difference from UTC/GMT time as Houston follows DST( Daylight Saving Time) during this time period and clocks are forwarded by an hour. 


Houston time (UTC/GMT-06:00):


Country: USA
Time zone abbreviation: CST
Time zone name: Central Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT-06:00
Observe DST: Yes

Does Houston have 2 time zones?

In the event that you're not from Texas You might be shocked to know that our state includes two times zones. In the western part of the state, the two counties of Hudspeth as well as El Paso Counties fall in the Mountain Time Zone. However, other areas of Texas? We operate on Central time.10-Mar-2021

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