Line Counter

This text tool is to count the number of lines in your given text. This tool not just counts the total lines of the text content but also informs about the number of words & characters in the given text. You can hide or keep unhidden numbers, single letter words or common words of your text for a more detailed analysis of the text. You can also select a maximum limit of your text lines. 


Just open the file containing text from your local storage or paste a copied text you wanna analyze. This tool will instantly & automatically analyze your text without any wait & pressing any button. You can select, cut, copy, or paste text here. You can undo or redo your changes. For more details and a user tutorial, you can go through the given video. 

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How many lines are in a paragraph?

There is much of the time a ton of disarray, yet assuming you are searching for a general response to the inquiry, "The number of sentences that are there in a passage?" The response is that there are 3 to 8 lines in a section. The significant key to this answer is that it is a brilliant rule.

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