Eastern Daylight Time Now

EDT mean Eastern Daylight Time which is actually DST(Daylight Saving Time) of the EST zone( Eastern Standard Time Zone ). EST time is 5 hrs ahead of universal time & it is forwarded by an hour and is termed as EDT. 23 states of the US as well as 3 provinces of Canada fall in this time zone. 


EDT has an offset of -4 hrs from GMT/UTC. Here's a digital ticking clock of EDT with a short preview of Eastern Daylight time and its use. 


EDT time (UTC/GMT-04:00):


Country: USA/Canada/Mexico
Time zone abbreviation: EDT
Time zone name: Eastern Daylight Time
Time offset: UTC/GMT-04:00


Do I use EDT now?

EST and EDT: The Main Difference
If you remember, EST is when North Americans are living with it in winter and autumn. However, EDT happens during summer and spring. Remember the term "world daylight" to refer to the seasons of spring and summer, as there are also additional daylight hours in this time frame.

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