Word Frequency Counter

This online text tool is to check word frequency in your text content. This text tool not just give word frequency of different words but gives a detailed analysis of your text with a number of total words in the text, the number of character in the text and the total lines of the text. 


Open the text file from your local storage to this text tool. This text tool will automatically analyze your text within a second and show you the number of words, characters, and lines in your text. you can copy cut, copy or paste the text. There is also an option to undo or redo the changes. Moreover, you can hide numbers, single letter words, or common words for a more instinctive analysis of the text. 

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How is the frequency of words measured?

A Good Standardized Measure of Word Frequency. Since recurrence counts rely upon the size of the corpus, scientists commonly work with a normalized measure so the different counts can measure up. Hitherto, the vitally normalized measure has been recurrence per million words (fpm).13-Dec-2017

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