Meters to Centimeters Converter

This page is decorated with an online tool that helps the users to change the given value of length from meters to centimeters. It is a quick responsive converter where you just provide your length value in meters and it responds the 100% accurate results in centimeters. It is an extremely fast length converter and takes less than a second. 

Write the value meters(m) and click ''convert'' button for instant conversion of given meters into centimeters. 


How to convert meters to centimeters

1 meter is equal to 100 centimeters:

1m = 100cm

The distance d in centimeters (cm) is equal to the distance d in meters (m) times 100:

d(cm) = d(m) × 100


Convert 20 meters to centimeters:

d(cm) = 20m × 100 = 2000cm

How many meters in a centimeter

One centimeter is equal to 0.01 meter:

1cm = 1cm/100 = 0.01m

How many centimeters in a meter

One meter is equal to 100 centimeters:

1m = 100×1m = 100cm

How to convert 8 meters to centimeterss

Multiply 8 meters by 100 to get centimeters:

8m = 100×8m = 800cm

Meters to centimeters conversion table

Meters (m) Centimeters (cm)
0.001 m 0.1 cm
0.01 m 1 cm
0.1 m 10 cm
1 m 100 cm
2 m 200 cm
3 m 300 cm
4 m 400 cm
5 m 500 cm
6 m 600 cm
7 m 700 cm
8 m 800 cm
9 m 900 cm
10 m 1000 cm
20 m 2000 cm
30 m 3000 cm
40 m 4000 cm
50 m 5000 cm
60 m 6000 cm
70 m 7000 cm
80 m 8000 cm
90 m 9000 cm
100 m 10000 cm

Meters to Centimeter Converter

Both meters and centimeters are featured in the SI system. Both these units are used for the measurement of length. Actually, the meter is the actual standard unit of length defined as a standard measuring unit by the SI system. While centimeter is a prefix of the meter. A centimeter is 1/100th part of a meter as the name denotes. cent=100.

This online tool is designed for the conversion of the meter into its smaller prefix centimeters. This tool is highly accurate and provides quick results with great authority. Simple UI allows you to start your conversion straightaway. Moreover, the two-step conversion method makes conversions a lot easy and quick. 


The formula behind this converter is nothing more than simple multiplication. This converter multiplies the given meters by 100 because 1 meter is equal to 100cm. 

d(cm) = d(m) × 100

Where d(cm) is the distance in centimeters that is achieved by multiplying d(m) (distance in meters) by 100.

How many cm in 10 meters?

1 meter is equal to 100 cm and we can multiply the given meters by 100 to convert it into centimeters.
1m= 100cm
10m= 10 x 100 = 1000cm

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