Inches to Yards Converter

Do you want to convert a given length from inches to yards and are looking for an online tool to avoid manual calculations? Then this professionally designed inches to yards converter is perfect for you. It is built with a user-friendly setup where one can start the conversion of inches into yards straightaway.

Write the value in inches (in) and click the convert button:


How to convert inches to yards

1 yard is equal to 36 inches:

1yd = 36in

The distance d in yards (yd) is equal to the distance d in inches (in) divided by 36:

d(yd) = d(in) / 36


Convert 20 in to yards:

d(yd) = 20in / 36 = 0.5555555yd

How many yards in a foot

One foot is equal to 0.0277777 yards:

1in = 1in / 36 = 0.0277777yd

How many inches in a yard

One yard is equal to 36 inches:

1yd = 36×1yd = 36in

How to convert 10in to yards

Divide 10 inches by 36 to get yards:

10in = 10in / 36 = 0.27777777yd

Inches to yards conversion table

Inches (in) Yards (yd)
0.01 in 0.00278 yd
0.1 in 0.02778 yd
1 in 0.27778 yd
2 in 0.05555 yd
3 in 0.08333 yd
4 in 0.11111 yd
5 in 0.13889 yd
6 in 0.16667 yd
7 in 0.19444 yd
8 in 0.22222 yd
9 in 0.25000 yd
10 in 0.27778 yd
20 in 0.55555 yd
30 in 0.83333 yd
40 in 1.11111 yd
50 in 1.38889 yd
60 in 1.66667 yd
70 in 1.94444 yd
80 in 2.22222 yd
90 in 2.50000 yd
100 in 2.77778 yd

Inches to yards Converter

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This page has an online tool in the length conversion category. This tool changes given inches into yards. It is the fastest tool that provides error-free conversion of inches into yards in less than a second. This online length conversion setup is very user-friendly as you can get into your desired conversion straightaway. You just need to type the value of length in inches and a click on the convert button will immediately convert these inches into yards. 


This converter is based on simple division as it divides the given inches by 36 to change it into yards because 1 yard is comprised of 36 inches. 

Mathematical form of its formula is; d(yd) = d(in) / 36


The foot is the conventional unit used for hundreds of years for measurement of length/distance in the British Imperial System & US Customary System. 1/12th part of this foot is called an inch. An inch is denoted by (") or (in). 


Yard has been used for length measurement since the 7th century. It is a conventional unit and is used traditionally for length measurement. It is comprised of 3 feet which is equal to 36 inches. Yard's symbol is (yd). 

How many feet in a yard?

A yard consists of 3 feet which is equivalent to 36 inches.

How to convert inches into yards?

Just divide the given inches by 36 as a yard is equal to 36 inches. You can also use this online converter for the conversion of inches into yards.

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