Feet to Millimeters conversion

Are you looking for a webpage for the conversion of feet into millimeters via an online tool? Here you are, as we have a special tool on this page that let the users convert any given value from feet to mm. 

Type the feet (ft) value and click the 'convert' button to change this value into millimeters (mm). 

Millimeters result: mm
Meters+mm result: mm

How to convert feet to millimeters

1 foot is equal to 304.8 millimeters:

1 ft = 304.8 mm

The distance d in millimeters (mm) is equal to the distance d in feet (ft) times 304.8:

d(mm) = d(ft) × 304.8


Convert 2 feet to millimeters:

d(mm) = 2ft × 304.8 = 609.6mm

Feet to millimeters conversion table

Feet (ft) Millimeters (mm)
0.01 ft 3.05 mm
0.1 ft 30.5 mm
1 ft 304.8 mm
2 ft 609.6 mm
3 ft 914.4 mm
4 ft 1219.2 mm
5 ft 1524.0 mm
6 ft 1828.8 mm
7 ft 2133.6 mm
8 ft 2438.4 mm
9 ft 2743.2 mm
10 ft 3048.0 mm
20 ft 6096.0 mm
30 ft 9144.0 mm
40 ft 12192.0 mm
50 ft 15240.0 mm
60 ft 18288.0 mm
70 ft 21336.0 mm
80 ft 24384.0 mm
90 ft 27432.0 mm
100 ft 30480.0 mm

Feet to mm Converter

Do you deal in different sorts of length measurements and have to waste a lot of time in calculations & conversions of these length measurements from one unit to another? The online conversion tools will help you to save a lot of time. You can get rid of all sorts of calculations for various length conversions with online length converters. 

On this page, we also have a length conversion tool that is designed to assist you in changing any given value of feet into millimeters. This tool is very user-friendly and comes with a unique one-click conversion setup. Here you just type the length in feet and a click on the convert button changes the given value from feet to mm.


It is the conventional unit used for length measurements in the US Customary system & British Imperial System. It is denoted by ft. 1 foot is equal to 0.3048 meters. 


It is the smaller prefix of the standard length unit meter. A millimeter is 1/1000th part of a meter. The millimeter is denoted by 'mm'. 

Calculation Formula  

This feet-to-mm converter works on simple multiplication formula as it multiplies the given feet by 304.8 because 1 foot is equal to 304.8 mm. The mathematical equation of this formula is given below. 

d(mm) = d(ft) × 304.8

How many mm in 1 foot?

1 foot is equal to 304.8 millimeters.

How many feet in 1 mm?

1 millimeter is equal to 0.003280839895 feet.

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