Inches to Miles Converter

Do you want to make a conversion of inches into miles directly without wasting your time in mathematical calculations? Then try our professionally designed inches-to-miles converter. This online converter enables the user to put up a quick conversion of any given value of inches into miles immediately. It offers a one-click conversion setup that takes less than a second to change any given length from inches to miles. 

Write the value of inches in the first box and get them converted into miles with just a click on the ''convert'' button. 'Reset' & 'Swap' buttons are also there to start a new conversion and swap the converter respectively.


How to convert inches to miles

1 foot is equal to 1/63360 miles:

1in = 1/63360mi = 0.000015782828283mi

The distance d in miles (mi) is equal to the distance d in inches (in) divided by 63360:

d(mi) = d(in) / 63360


Convert 20 inches to miles:

d(mi) = 20in / 63360 = 3.156566e-4mi

How many inches in a mile

One mile is equal to 63360 inches:

1mi = 1mi × 63360 = 63360in

How many miles in a inches

One foot is equal to 1/63360 miles:

1in = 1in/63360 = 0.000015782828283mi

How to convert 10 inches to miles

Divide 10 inches by 63360 to get miles:

10in = 10in/63360 = 0.00015782828283mi

Inches to miles conversion table

Inches (in) Miles (mi)
1 in 0.00001578283 mi
2 in 0.00003156566 mi
3 in 0.00004734848 mi
4 in 0.00006313131 mi
5 in 0.00007891414 mi
6 in 0.00009469697 mi
7 in 0.00011047980 mi
8 in 0.00012626263 mi
9 in 0.00014204545 mi
10 in 0.00015782828 mi
20 in 0.00031565657 mi
30 in 0.00047348485 mi
40 in 0.00063131313 mi
50 in 0.00078914141 mi
60 in 0.00094696970 mi
70 in 0.00110479798 mi
80 in 0.00126262626 mi
90 in 0.00142045455 mi
100 in 0.00157828283 mi

Inches to Miles Converter

Inch & mile are two customary units of length but there is a longitudinal difference between these two units. An inch is 1/12th part of feet but a mile is equal to 5280 feet which makes 63360 inches. That means a mile is 63360 times greater than an inch. Hence converting inches into miles directly becomes quite tricky but not anymore. Because we have designed an online tool to facilitate you. This tool assists you in converting inches into miles requiring nothing more than a click. All you need is to write in the value in inches and click the 'convert' button to change the given value from inches to miles. 


Inches to miles converter is based on division as it divides the given inches by 63360 to change the inches into miles. The mathematical form of this converter is given below. 

d(mi) = d(in) / 63360


Inch is 1/12 of a foot and a smaller entity of foot for measurement in traditional units like British Imperial & US Customary Systems. Inch's symbol is ( " ). It is also written as 'in'.


This is a unit of distance/length used for measuring long distances and lengths. This unit is part of British Imperial & US Customary Unit Systems. Mile is denoted with 'mi'.

How many inches make a mile?

A mile is comprised of 63360 inches.

What is calculation formula for converting Inches into miles?

Inches can be converted into miles using simple mathematical division. You can divide the given value of inches by 63360 inches as 1 mile is equal to that amount of inches. If you don't wanna waste your time in calculations then you should use this converter for changing inches into miles with one click.

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