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Online tools for length conversion have made the conversion of length/distance from one unit to another very easy, fast, and accurate. is one of the best platforms when it comes to online length conversion tools. On this page, we have a tool dedicated to converting the given value of kilometers to yards. Similar to other tools of this website, the km to yard converter is also perfect in every regard. This online converter is the fastest of all as it takes only a second for a length conversion from km to yards. Moreover, this converter also diminishes the chances of errors as it offers extreme fidelity. 

So type the value of kilometers (km) and click the "convert'' button to change the given value into yards (yd).


How to convert kilometers to yards

1 kilometer is equal to 10936.13298 yards:

1km = 100000cm/(2.54cm/in)/(36in/yd) = 10936.13298yd

The distance d in yards (yd) is equal to the distance d in kilometers (km) divided by 0.0009144:

d(yd) = d(km) / 0.0009144


Convert 20 km to yards:

d(yd) = 20km / 0.0009144 = 21872.266yd

How many yards in a kilometer

One kilometer is equal to 1093.613298 yards:

1km = 1km / 0.0009144yd/m = 1093.613298yd

How many kilometers in a yard

One yard is equal to 0.0009144 kilometers:

1yd = 0.0009144×1yd = 0.0009144km

How to convert 10km to yards

Multiply 10 kilometers by 0.0009144 to get yards:

10km = 10km / 0.0009144km/yd = 10936.1yd

Kilometers to yards conversion table

Kilometers (km) Yards (yd)
0.01 km 0.000010936 yd
0.1 km 0.00010936 yd
1 km 0.00109361 yd
2 km 0.00218723 yd
3 km 0.00328084 yd
4 km 0.00437445 yd
5 km 0.00546807 yd
6 km 0.00656168 yd
7 km 0.00765529 yd
8 km 0.00874891 yd
9 km 0.00984252 yd
10 km 0.01093613 yd
20 km 0.021872266 yd
30 km 0.03280840 yd
40 km 0.04374453 yd
50 km 0.05468066 yd
60 km 0.06561680 yd
70 km 0.07655293 yd
80 km 0.08748906 yd
90 km 0.09842520 yd
100 km 0.10936133 yd

Kilometers to Yards Converter

A kilometer is a prefix of the meter(standard unit of length & distance in the International System of Units). The Kilometer is denoted by (km). While the yard had been a standard length-measuring unit for many centuries. It is not featured in the SI system of units but is greatly used in the British Imperial system & US customary system of units. A yard is Symbolized as (yd).

This page has a tool for online conversion of km into yards. This converter works very quickly to produce instant & error-free results. It is easy to use as you have to write the value in kilometers and click the conversion button to change kilometers into yards within a second. 


This converter implies mathematical division to convert km into yards. It divides the given kilometers by 0.0009144 because 1 yard is equal to 0.0009144 kilometers. 

d(yd) = d(km) / 0.0009144

How many yards in kilometer?

1 kilometer contains 1093.6132983 yards.

How km to yard converter works?

This km-to-yard converter works on a simple division method. Here you have to provide km and click the convert button. This converter divides the given km by 0.0009144 to convert them into yards as 1 yard is equal to 0.0009144 kilometers.

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