Kilometers to Miles Converter

Are you trying to convert kilometers into miles through time-consuming mathematical calculations? Then get rid of those calculations and switch to the online tool given on this page. This online tool only asks you to provide the value of kilometers and the rest is done by this converter to change given kilometers into miles instantly. 

Write the value of kilometers (km) and click the convert button to change it into miles. 


How to convert kilometers to miles

1 kilometer is equal to 1/1.609344 miles:

1m = 1/1.609344mi = 0.6213711mi

The distance d in miles (mi) is equal to the distance d in kilometers (km) divided by 1.609344:

d(mi) = d(km) / 1.609344


Convert 20 kilometers to miles:

d(mi) = 20km / 1.609344 = 12.42742mi

How many kilometers in a mile

One mile is equal to 1.609344 kilometers:

1mi = 1mi × 1.609344 = 1.609344km

How many miles in a kilometers

One kilometer is equal to 1/1.609344 miles:

1km = 1km/1.609344 = 0.6213711mi

How to convert 10 kilometers to miles

Divide 10 kilometers by 1.609344 to get miles:

10km = 10km/1.609344 = 6.213711mi

Kilometers to miles conversion table

Kilometers (km) Miles (mi)
1 km 0.621371 mi
2 km 1.242742 mi
3 km 1.864114 mi
4 km 2.485485 mi
5 km 3.106855 mi
6 km 3.728227 mi
7 km 4.349598 mi
8 km 4.970970 mi
9 km 5.592341 mi
10 km 6.213712 mi
20 km 12.427424 mi
30 km 18.641136 mi
40 km 24.854848 mi
50 km 31.068560 mi
60 km 37.282272 mi
70 km 43.495983 mi
80 km 49.709695 mi
90 km 55.923407 mi
100 km 62.137119 mi

Kilometers to Miles Converter

Most people consider kilometer and mile the same but these two are different units of distance/length. Actually, a kilometer is an SI unit and equal to 1000 meters while a mile is a traditional unit based on foot(unit of length). A mile is equal to 5280 feet. In yards, a mile is equal to 1760 yards. If we change a mile to an SI standard unit of length then a mile is equal to 1609.344 meters or 1.609344 km. 

This converter changes the given value from SI unit kilometer to traditional unit mile. This converter is based on simple formulation and provides very accurate results in no time. This converter hardly takes a second to change the given kilometers into miles and you can make as many length conversions as you need because this tool is completely free to use and has no conversion limits. 


The formula of this km-to-mile online converter is nothing more than simple mathematical division. It divides the number of kilometers by 1.609344 because 1 mile is equal to this amount of kilometers. 

Formula:                 d(mi) = d(km) / 1.609344

Are km and miles same?

Some people consider these two units are the same but these two are quite different units. A kilometer is a prefix of meter and is equal to 1000 meters. The kilometer is an SI unit of length. While the mile is a conventional unit of length and belongs to the British Imperial system & US Customary system. A mile is equal to 1.609344 kilometers.

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