Feet to Kilometers Converter

If you need to convert a length/distance from feet to kilometers then try this online length conversion tool given on this page. This tool will make the feet-to-kilometer conversion not just easy but also very accurate and quick.  Its user-friendly interface only needs the users to provide value in feet and click the 'convert' button. 


How to convert feet to kilometers

1 kilometer is equal to 3280.84 feet:

1km = 3280.84ft

The distance d in kilometers (km) is equal to the distance d in feet (ft) divided by 3280.84:

d(km) = d(ft) / 3280.84


Convert 20 feet to kilometers:

d(km) = 20ft / 3280.84 = 0.06096km

How many feet in a kilometer

One kilometer is equal to 3280.84 feet:

1km = 1km×3280.84 = 3280.84ft

How many kilometers in a feet

One feet is equal to 0.0003048 kilometers:

1ft = 1ft/3280.84 = 0.0003048km

How to convert 8 feet to kilometers

Divide 8 feet by 3280.84 to get kilometers:

8ft = 8ft/3280.84 = 0.0024384km

Feet to Kilometers conversion table

Feet (ft) Kilometers (km)
1 ft 0.0003048 km
2 ft 0.0006096 km
3 ft 0.0009144 km
4 ft 0.0012192 km
5 ft 0.0015240 km
6 ft 0.0018288 km
7 ft 0.0021336 km
8 ft 0.0024384 km
9 ft 0.0027432 km
10 ft 0.0030480 km
20 ft 0.0060960 km
30 ft 0.0091440 km
40 ft 0.0121920 km
50 ft 0.0152400 km
60 ft 0.0182880 km
70 ft 0.0213360 km
80 ft 0.0243840 km
90 ft 0.0274320 km
100 ft 0.0304800 km
1000 ft 0.3048000 km

Feet to Kilometer Converter

Usually, feet-to-kilometer conversion needs a long mathematical calculation but if you are using a calculator or conversion tool then it becomes a lot easier. The foot is the conventional unit and has traditionally been used for many centuries for length measurements. A kilometer is the larger prefix of meter which is the standard SI unit of length used in the SI system of units. 

This converter helps you to change any value from feet to kilometers. It is a smart online tool that offers instant conversions of feet into kilometers. All you need to type the value of length in feet and click on the 'convert' button to change it into kilometers. 


This conversion tool is based on mathematical division. It divides the given value of feet by 3280.84 because 1 kilometer is equal to 3280.84 feet. 

d(km) = d(ft) / 3280.84

How many meters in foot?

1 foot is smaller than a meter and is equal to 0.3048 meters.

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