Feet to Meters Converter

If you want to change any given length in feet into meters without making practical calculations then we have a super-fast and user-friendly online length converter for you. This converter provides real-time conversions of a given value of feet into meters. 

All you need is to write the feet value in the given box and press the ''Convert" button. 


Square Feet to square Meters Converter


How to convert feet to meters

1 feet is equal to 0.3048 meters:

1ft = 0.3048m

The distance d in meters (m) is equal to the distance d in feet (ft) times 0.3048:

d(m) = d(ft) × 0.3048


Convert 20 feet to meters:

d(m) = 20ft × 0.3048 = 6.096m

How many feet in a meter

One meter is equal to 3.2808 feet:

1m = 1m / (0.3048m/ft) = 3.2808ft

How many meters in a foot

One foot is equal to 0.3048 meters:

1ft = 0.3048×1ft = 0.3048m

How to convert 10 feet to meterss

Multiply 10 feet by 0.3048 to get meters:

10ft = 0.3048×10ft = 3.048m

Feet to meters conversion table

Feet (ft) Meters (m)
0.01 ft 0.003048 m
0.1 ft 0.03048 m
1 ft 0.3048 m
2 ft 0.6096 m
3 ft 0.9144 m
4 ft 1.2192 m
5 ft 1.5240 m
6 ft 1.8288 m
7 ft 2.1336 m
8 ft 2.4384 m
9 ft 2.7432 m
10 ft 3.048 m
20 ft 6.096 m
30 ft 9.144 m
40 ft 12.192 m
50 ft 15.240 m
60 ft 18.288 m
70 ft 21.336 m
80 ft 24.384 m
90 ft 27.432 m
100 ft 30.480 m

Feet to Meters Converter

Foot (pl: feet) is the conventional unit of length. This length unit is used in the British Imperial system and the US Customary system. It has been the length unit for measurement for many centuries. It is often referred to as English Foot (unit). It is denoted as ft. While the Meter is the standard unit for measurement of length and is used internationally. According to the SI system of units, a meter is a distance traveled by light in space/vacuum in 1/299792458th part of a second. In feet, 1 meter is equal to 3.28084 feet. 

This converter works to convert any given amount of feet into meters instantly with just a click. The user-friendly setup offered by this converter only asks the users to provide length in feet and press the 'convert' button to get these feet converted into meters accurately and instantly. 


The calculation formula behind this converter is simple multiplication. This converter multiplies the given feet by 0.3048 to change them into meters because 1 foot is equal to 0.3048 meters.

d(m) = d(ft) × 0.3048

How many feet in 1 meter?

A meter is comprised of 3.28084 feet or you can say a meter is equal to 3 feet and 3.370079 inches.

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