Millimeters to Feet conversion

Online millimeter-to-feet converter allows the users to change the given value of length from millimeter to feet. It is a very fast online converter for length conversion. It provides 100% accurate and extremely fast results. Moreover, the user interface is very simple and straightforward. 

All you need is to write the value of  length in millimeters and press the Green-colored ''Convert'' button for instant conversion of given millimeters into feet. 

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How to convert millimeters to feet

1 millimeter is equal to 0.00328084 feet:

1 mm = (1/304.8) ft = 0.00328084 ft

The distance d in feet (ft) is equal to the distance d in millimeters (mm) divided by 304.8:

d(ft) = d(mm) / 304.8


Convert 20 millimeters to feet:

d(ft) = 20mm / 304.8 = 0.065617ft

Millimeters to feet conversion table

Millimeters (mm) Feet (ft)
0.01 mm 0.0000328 ft
0.1 mm 0.0003281 ft
1 mm 0.0032808 ft
2 mm 0.0065617 ft
3 mm 0.0098425 ft
4 mm 0.0131234 ft
5 mm 0.0164042 ft
6 mm 0.0196850 ft
7 mm 0.0229659 ft
8 mm 0.0262467 ft
9 mm 0.0295276 ft
10 mm 0.0328084 ft
20 mm 0.0656168 ft
30 mm 0.0984252 ft
40 mm 0.1312336 ft
50 mm 0.1640420 ft
60 mm 0.1968504 ft
70 mm 0.2296588 ft
80 mm 0.2624672 ft
90 mm 0.2952756 ft
100 mm 0.3280840 ft

How This Converter Works 

This online length converter is dependent on simple mathematical calculations. It changes the given millimeters into feet by dividing it by 304.8 because one foot is equal to 304.8 inches. This online tool is very simple, user-friendly, and 100% free. It provides supremely accurate conversions with perfectly accurate results at a lightning-fast speed. 

You need to write down the millimeters in the first box given for it and press the given ''convert'' button. This amazing online tool will change the given value from millimeters to feet instantly. 


Meter is the SI unit of length while the millimeter is the smaller prefix of the meter that is 1/1000th of a meter. Symbolically, it is written as (mm).

Foot (unit) 

Foot or English foot is the unit of length conventionally used for measuring lengths and distances for 100s of years. The foot is the part of British Imperial system as well as the US Customary Systems of units. It is denoted by ft. 


This is based on a simple division method. It divides the given millimeters by 304.8 as the 1 foot= 304.8 mm. 

How many feet in a meter?

1 meter is equal to 3.28084 feet.

How many millimeters in foot?

There are 304.8 millimeters in a foot.

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