Feet to Miles Converter

Do you wanna convert a length/distance from feet to miles without getting into the time-consuming & complex mathematical calculations? We are here to help you with an online tool. This tool is designed for the online conversion of feet into miles. You won't be going through long & complex mathematical calculations because here you only need to write the length in feet and press the 'convert' button to get an instant answer in miles. 


How to convert feet to miles

1 foot is equal to 1/5280 miles:

1ft = 1/5280mi = 0.0001893939mi

The distance d in miles (mi) is equal to the distance d in feet (ft) divided by 5280:

d(mi) = d(ft) / 5280


Convert 20 feet to miles:

d(mi) = 20ft / 5280 = 0.0037878788mi

How many feet in a mile

One mile is equal to 5280 feet:

1mi = 1mi × 5280 = 5280ft

How many miles in a feet

One foot is equal to 1/5280 miles:

1ft = 1ft/5280 = 0.0001893939mi

How to convert 10 feet to miles

Divide 10 feet by 5280 to get miles:

10ft = 10ft/5280 = 0.001893939mi

Feet to miles conversion table

Feet (ft) Miles (mi)
1 ft 0.0001893939 mi
2 ft 0.0003787879 mi
3 ft 0.0005681818 mi
4 ft 0.0007575758 mi
5 ft 0.0009469697 mi
6 ft 0.0011363636 mi
7 ft 0.0013257576 mi
8 ft 0.0015151515 mi
9 ft 0.0017045454 mi
10 ft 0.0018939394 mi
20 ft 0.0037878788 mi
30 ft 0.0056818182 mi
40 ft 0.0075757576 mi
50 ft 0.0094696970 mi
60 ft 0.0113636364 mi
70 ft 0.0132575758 mi
80 ft 0.0151515152 mi
90 ft 0.0170454546 mi
100 ft 0.0189393939 mi

Feet to Miles Converter

Online tools have made different sorts of length conversions very easy and time-saving because these tools give highly accurate conversions in no time. Maxtables.com is one of the finest places for length conversions. Moreover, this website has 100s of online tools for users. All the tools are completely free to use and give 100% accurate results.

This page of Maxtables.com has an online tool for real-time conversion of given feet into miles. This converter is based on a simple division rule and provides 100% accurate conversions in real-time. So write the value of length or distance in feet and click the 'convert' button to change feet into miles. 


This converter divides the given feet by 5280 to convert feet into miles because 1 mile is equivalent to 5280 feet. The mathematical equation working behind this converter is given below. 

d(mi) = d(ft) / 5280

How many feet in a mile?

A mile is comprised of 5280 feet.

Is this feet to mile converter free to use?

Yes, this feet-to-miles converter as well as all the other tools offered on Maxtables.com are completely free to use.

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