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Are you looking for a straightforward online setup where you can change feet into yards straightaway? If yes, then you are at your desired setup. This page has such a setup where you can change any given length from feet to yards with a 100% guarantee of extreme accuracy. This online setup not just maintains accuracy but also makes conversions in fractions of seconds. 

So type your length value in feet (ft) and click the given 'convert' button:

The 'Swap' button is also there if you wanna reverse the converter i.e from yards to feet. 

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How to convert feet to yards

1 yard is equal to 3 feet:

1yd = 3ft

The distance d in yards (yd) is equal to the distance d in feet (ft) divided by 3:

d(yd) = d(ft) / 3


Convert 20 ft to yards:

d(yd) = 20ft / 3 = 6.6667yd

How many yards in a foot

One foot is equal to 0.33333 yards:

1ft = 1ft / 3 = 0.33333yd

How many feet in a yard

One yard is equal to 3 feet:

1yd = 3×1yd = 3ft

How to convert 10ft to yards

Divide 10 feet by 3 to get yards:

10ft = 10ft / 3 = 3.33333yd

Feet to yards conversion table

Feet (ft) Yards (yd)
0.01 ft 0.0033333 yd
0.1 ft 0.033333 yd
1 ft 0.33333 yd
2 ft 0.66667 yd
3 ft 1.00000 yd
4 ft 1.33333 yd
5 ft 1.66667 yd
6 ft 2.00000 yd
7 ft 2.33333 yd
8 ft 2.66667 yd
9 ft 3.00000 yd
10 ft 3.33333 yd
20 ft 6.66667 yd
30 ft 10.00000 yd
40 ft 13.33333 yd
50 ft 16.66667 yd
60 ft 20.00000 yd
70 ft 23.33333 yd
80 ft 26.66667 yd
90 ft 30.00000 yd
100 ft 33.33333 yd

Feet to Yards Converter

Both foot and yard are length units used traditionally for many centuries for measurement of length. Both these length units are part of the British Imperial System & US Customary System. A yard is actually dependent and derived from the English foot (unit). A yard is equal to 3 feet. The online converter given on this page makes the conversion of feet into yards. It is a simple tool that allows you to start your desired unit conversion straightaway.  Its user-friendly UI & guaranteed accuracy make it the best asset for length conversion. It takes a second or may be 2 to convert any given value from feet to yards.


The formula behind this calculator is nothing more than the simple division of given feet by 3. This converter makes yards from feet by dividing given feet by 3 because a yard is comprised of three feet. The mathematical form of this formula is given below. 

d(yd) = d(ft) / 3

What is feet to yards conversion table?

This page has an online converter tool as well as a conversion table for feet-to-yards conversion.

What is the equation to convert feet to yards?

This is the equation to change feet into yards.
d(yd) = d(ft) / 3
Because 1 yard is equal to 3 feet, in this equation given feet are divided by 3 to change these feet into yards

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