Electrical Ground Symbols

An electronic ground is usually a reference point where voltage is zero. There are three known types of electric grounds. Not all three are actual grounds but these are referred to as electronic grounds by electronic engineering. This table gives the electrical ground symbols for its users to use in different illustrations and diagrams and moreover all the description and details of each electrical ground via site links and visuals. 

Electrical ground symbols of circuit diagram - earth ground, chassis ground, digital ground.


Symbol Name Description
earth  ground symbol Earth Ground Used for zero potential reference and electrical shock protection.
chassis symbol Chassis Ground Connected to the chassis of the circuit
common digital ground symbol Digital / Common Ground  

Electrical Grounds, Their features & Uses 

Electrical grounds include chassis ground, Earth ground, & Digital/common ground. All these grounds are of different properties, uses and symbols. 


Earth ground

Earth ground is the actual ground from all three types as it includes the physical connections of electrical circuits with the ground( earth) via a cable and part of the metal. This process is commonly used for open point circuits in order to save people from electric shock hazards. It is symboled as " earth  ground symbol''.


chassis ground

In this electrical ground chassis of the circuit serves as ground and the physical connection of the circuit is with its chassis board. Its symbol is" chassis symbol".


Digital/ Common Ground

It is an imaginary digital ground where there is no coupling of analog signals at all. Its symbolic illustration is common digital ground symbol.


Moreover, all the detailed illustrations and symbols are above in the table. 

What is the symbol for a ground?

More often than not the ground image you are generally acquainted with, the 3 diminishing length lines, is the one that is utilized from a nonexclusive perspective to show ground. The three askew lines and the diminishing even bars address frame and earth ground, respectively.04-Feb-2020

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