Turquoise Color Codes

The RGB color code for Turquoise is represented as #40E0D0, which is equivalent to (64, 224, 208) in terms of its individual color components:

  • Red: 64
  • Green: 224
  • Blue: 208

Turquoise color codes chart

Color HTML / CSS
Color Name
Hex Code
Decimal Code
  paleturquoise #AFEEEE rgb(175,238,238)
  turquoise #40E0D0 rgb(64,224,208)
  mediumturquoise #48D1CC rgb(72,209,204)
  darkturquoise #00CED1 rgb(0,206,209)
  • Turquoise is a captivating color known for its blend of blue and green hues.
  • Turquoise color codes help precisely define this shade for various design applications.

RGB Color Code:

  • Definition: Turquoise is often represented as #40E0D0 in RGB color code.
  • Composition: Comprising Red (64), Green (224), and Blue (208) components.

HEX Color Code:

  • Definition: Turquoise is represented as #40E0D0 in HEX color code.
  • Usage: Commonly used in web design and digital graphics.

CMYK Color Code:

  • Definition: In CMYK color code, Turquoise is achieved by using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink.
  • Applications: Used for printing and physical design projects.

Importance of Accuracy:

  • Accurate color codes ensure consistency in color representation.
  • Vital for brand identity, graphic design, and interior decor.


  • Slight variations may occur due to device calibration and color profiles.
  • It's essential to use standardized or official color codes for precise results.

Turquoise color codes are indispensable tools for designers and creatives, offering precise representations of this captivating color for a range of visual projects.

What is the significance of Turquoise color codes?

Turquoise color codes are essential for design and digital projects as they precisely define the shade of Turquoise needed. Whether for web design, graphic art, or interior decor, knowing the correct color codes ensures consistency and accuracy in color representation.

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