Line Graph Maker

Here are the revised instructions:

  • Use "null" when there is no value to enter.
  • You can input more than four data values separated by spaces.
  • For spaces in data labels, use an underscore '_' (e.g., 'name_1' will display as 'name 1').
  • To represent one underscore in data labels, use two underscores '__' (e.g., 'name__1' will be shown as 'name_1').
  • Note that axis range settings may not be compatible with all configurations.
  • To print the graph, click the print button, and then use your browser's menu or press Ctrl+P.
  • To save the graph as a PDF file, print the graph and choose the PDF printer option.
  • You can input more than four data values with a space separator.
  • Utilize a Scatter plot to display trendlines.

Creating a Line Graph: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Title and Labels: Begin by entering the graph's title, horizontal axis label, and vertical axis label.
  2. Data Label Input: Provide data label names, values, or ranges.
  3. Line Count: Specify the number of lines you want to include.
  4. Line Details: For each line, input data values separated by spaces, along with the label and preferred color.
  5. Line Style: If necessary, select the option for a curved line.
  6. Generate Your Graph: Click the "Draw" button to instantly create your line graph.
  7. Reset to Default: To return to default settings, use the '× reset' button.
How does the Line Graph Maker work?

The Line Graph Maker is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of creating line graphs. You input your data, specify labels and settings, and the tool generates a visually informative line graph, making it easy to visualize trends and data relationships.

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