PNG to JPG Image Conversion

PNG to JPG image conversion online.

This is a powerful online image converter which converts images from PNG format to JPG. PNG ( Portable Network Graphics) is a very popular image format due to its graphics handling with both transparent as well as semi-transparent graphics. While the JPG was formally named JPEG(Joint Photographic Expert Group) This is a condensed size format and is loved for its size reducing quality. This converter changes PNG image format to a reduced sized JPG format without haunting the image quality.  

PNG to JPG converter

  1. Press Open PNG image button to load image from local disk.
  2. Press Save to JPG button to save image to local disk.

Converting Process & Mechanism 

To convert, you just have to click on the given yellow icon to open local files. Locate and select the PNG image you wanna convert, it will open your image in the image viewer of this converter. Now click on the blue icon of 'save file as JPG' and it will save and download automatically condensed sized JPG file within a second. 


This Converter works on a size shrinking strategy. It shrinks the size of PNG format and converts it into JPG format maintaining the quality of the image at a very high. 

Can you convert a PNG to a JPG?

It is simple to convert PNG files into JPG by using the software that comes with the Windows and Mac PC. It is also possible to utilize the online free file converter, Convertio using any browser on the internet. In many instances, you will not require converting the file in any way, because the majority of software is able to open both JPG as well as PNG files.

Does changing PNG to JPG reduce quality?

PNG files are lossless, which means that they are lossless in quality. The image remains virtually unalterable even after compression. JPG files are lossy compression. In another words, the moment you compress the JPG file, it loses quality that cannot be repaired.

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