PNG to GIF Image Conversion

PNG to GIF image conversion online.

This Converter makes GIFs from your PNG images. PNG( Portable Network Graphics) is a portable graphic format and is frequently used in web designing. GIF( Graphic Interchange Format) is animated video footage used to express different emotions and to express different sorts of reactions. This converter makes animated GIFs from your PNG images. 

PNG to GIF converter

  1. Press Open PNG image button to load image from local disk.
  2. Press Save to GIF button to save image to local disk.

How GIFs are made from PNG?

GIF is a very popular animated graphic format on social media platforms. Different apps and platforms are available to generate GIFs but they consume a lot of time. Here you can make a GIF animation from your PNG image in just a few seconds. 


You just open the local files by clicking the given file icon onconverter. Open the local file folder and locate the PNG file you wanna make a GIF of, open the file in the converter. Now clock on the blue icon beside the file icon on the converter. It will automatically change and save the file from PNG to GIF within seconds in your local disc storage. 

Can PNG be converted to GIF?

How to switch a PNG over completely to a GIF document? Pick the PNG record that you need to change over. Select GIF as the configuration you need to change over your PNG document to. Click "Convert" to change over your PNG document.

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