JPG to PNG image converter

This converter is the most popular and frequently used as it converts the two most popular and widely used formats of images i.e JPG to PNG. JPG is a small-sized low quality image format especially popular for its support by all sorts of brands of devices and easy sharing worth its small size. While PNG( Portable Network Graphics) is a comparatively larger and high-quality image format equally popular and supported by a number of devices

  1. Press Open JPG image button to load image from local disk.
  2. Press Save to PNG button to save image to local disk.

JPG to PNG Conversion Method

JPG to are daunted quality images and this converter within seconds changes these low-quality JPG images into relatively enhanced quality pictures of PNG format. Hence serve as a quality booster for your images. Moreover, PNG is a very helpful format when it comes to editing as it supports semi-transparent backgrounds as completely transparent backgrounds for your images.


The steps to boost up your image quality from JPG to PNG include:

  • Open the image from your desktop or device via the file locator of this converter. 
  • Now click the save button to instant PNG conversion of your JPG file. 
What happens when you convert JPG to PNG?

A JPG picture's quality will debase somewhat each time it is saved, while a PNG document is a "lossless" design, implying that its quality won't change over the long haul. You can utilize a web-based transformation administration to transform your JPG documents into PNG records, or you can utilize your Windows or Mac PC's inherent choices.

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