JPG to GIF Image Conversion

JPG to GIF image conversion online.

This converter is designed to convert your JPG format images into GIFs for social media use. JPG is a format designed and put forward by the Joint Photographic Experts Group and formally it was abrivated as JPEG which is now short formed to JPG. While GIF is a famous animated format and is the abbreviation of Graphics Interchange Format to express your emotions and reactions via a short animated video on different social media platforms. 

JPG to GIF converter

  1. Press Open JPG image button to load the image from local disk.
  2. Press Save to GIF button to save image to local disk.

Conversion Process of JPG to GIF

The conversion method is very easy. You just have to open the desired JPG from your local disc storage via the given file icon at the top. After Opening the file you just click on the icon beside the file icon in the converter to save your JPG into GIF. 


This converter works by changing the still graphics of your Jpg file into moving animated graphics of GIF. 

Can I turn a JPG into a GIF?

You really want to choose a JPG to transfer before you can change over! The initial step is to transfer a record of any size* from your PC or distributed storage administration like Google Drive or Dropbox or intuitive your document into the case. Once the transfer is finished, our free* PDF device will start to change JPG over completely to GIF.

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