GIF to PNG Image Conversion

GIF to PNG image conversion online.

This online image conversion gives you an easy way to change your GIF format files into PNG images. GIF stand for Graphics Interchange Format and is loved through social media circles. It is an animation short video format file for expressing emotions & reactions on different occasions. PNG ( Portable Network Graphics) is a high-quality image format. This converter Changes files within seconds from in-motion GIF animations to motionless high-quality PNG images. 

GIF to PNG converter

  1. Press Open GIF image button to load image from local disk.
  2. Press Save to PNG button to save image to local disk.

How to Proceed with the Conversion

This COnverter is based on motion and quality adjustment. It converts the in-motion animation (GIFs) to still PNG images. Moreover, it also enhances the quality of the image. Steps to follow are:

  • Click on the file icon to go to your local disc storage.
  •  Locate the GIF to be converted and click on open.
  • After opening the file select the quality in which you wanna save it. One thing is to note here quality selection is optional all the time. 
  • Now click on the save icon of blue colour which saves your converted PNG image into a local disc. 
Can you make a GIF into a PNG?

If you already have animated GIF file, it's very easy to convert it to PNG. Simply upload the GIF and click the "Convert" button.

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