BMP to JPG Image Conversion

BMP to JPG image conversion online.

This converter changes two very dissimilar formats in terms of quality as it converts a very high-quality large size BMP format to a low pixel quality JPG format.


BMP is also pronounced and called DIB(Device Independent Bitmap) is a bitmap file format which is often called a bump. This format was put forward and designed for windows by Microsoft company. This ultra quality format maintains a high graphic and pixels which are easy to edit without much change in the picture quality. While JPG is a shrunk sized low quality image which is easy to share due to its small size. its former name was JPEG( Joint Photographic Expert Group ).  

BMP to JPG converter

  1. Press Open BMP image button to load image from local disk.
  2. Press Save to JPG button to save image to local disk.

High-Quality BMP to Low-Quality JPG

Usually, people try to achieve high quality for their images but this is quality changing image converter which changes high quality to low-quality images. It is very useful when you wanna share a BMP file but could not share it due to the large size of the file. This converter allows you to change large-sized high-quality BMP format images to low quality small sized JPG images.


Conversion is as simple as you can't imagine even. Just open the file to be converted by accessing your file disc through this converter. Now click the save button to instantly get your image converted and saved to your local disc storage.

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