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This is an online test calculator which analyzes the performance of your test at school, college or university. You can instantly can analyze your test performance in different measuring parameters(i.e in percentage, letter grade, & fraction grade). 


Choose the number of total questions asked in the test, the number of the wrong answer given by you, and get an instant analysis of your performance in percentage, letter grade(A, B, C, D, F, etc), & fraction grade (rates your performance out of 10). 

Number of
Number of
Wrong Answers
Grade (%) Grade


For more details about the test calculator and its use you can also watch the below-given video:


what is Test Calculator?

Grading on a curve an expression used to describe several different ways which a teacher employs to alter the scores that her students receive during an exam in the manner that they prefer. In most cases the use of grading on a curve increases the student's grades by pushing their scores up just one or two notches, possibly increasing their grade of the letter.

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