How to calculate my grade

Grade calculation. How to calculate your grade.

Weighted grade calculation

The weighted grade is equal to the sum of the product of the weights (w) in percent (%) times the grade (g):

Weighted grade = w1×g1+ w2×g2+ w3×g3+...

When the weights are not in percent (hours or points...), you should also divided by the sum of the weights:

Weighted grade = (w1×g1+ w2×g2+ w3×g3+...) / (w1+w2+w3+...)



3 points Math course with grade of 80%.

5 points Biology course with grade of 90%.

2 points History course with grade of 72%.

The weighted average grade is calculated by:

Weighted grade =

 = (w1×g1+ w2×g2+ w3×g3) / (w1+w2+w3)

= (3×80%+ 5×90%+ 2×72%) / (3+5+2) = 83.4%


How can I calculate my grade?

For rates, partition the aggregate by the quantity of passages. For instance, on the off chance that you have rate grades for 30 undertakings, partition the aggregate by 30. The remainder addresses your last rate grade.03-Jun-2021

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