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VAT stands for " Value Added Tax". Value Added Tax is the tax that you have to pay while purchasing goods or any sort of service. This page has a VAT calculator for the users. VAT calculator calculates the amount of tax on an initial amount. You can add or subtract the tax amount from the initial amount. 


You just have to select your country and put in the initial amount on which you wanna calculate value-added tax, this calculator will automatically put in the VAT %age, & currency of your selected country and calculate the amount of tax on your initial amount as well as the gross and net amount. Moreover, you can manually put in the VAT rate. 

Initial amount: £
Rate of VAT:   %
Net amount: £
VAT amount: £
Gross amount: £

How do you calculate VAT on a purchase?

You include how much VAT you pay on deals, then deduct it from how much VAT you have paid on buys. The thing that matters is the VAT because of HMRC. Tank because of HMRC determined as VAT on deals short VAT on buys. This is otherwise called Output VAT short Input VAT.21-Aug-2017

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