GST Tax Calculator

GST is the abbreviation for Goods & Services Tax. This is a multi-stage tax which is applied to purchasing different goods and services. Different countries and states have different %ages of tax on different kinds of goods & services.


This online GST calculator calculates goods & services tax on a given amount with different percentages of tax in different countries. You just have to write in the amount on which you wanna estimate GST, select your country & GST rate and press either the 'Add GST' or 'Remove GST' button according to your wish. 

This calculator will instantly give you the GST amount along with the Net & Gross amount. 



GST tax calculation

GST amount = GST Rate(%) × Net amount

Gross amount = (100% + GST Rate(%)) × Net amount


Net amount = 100$
GST Rate = 10%

GST amount = 10%×100$ = 10$

Gross amount = (100%+10%)×100% = 110$

Is GST calculated on total bill?

GST can be estimated straight by increasing the Taxable worth by GST rate. For representation, The receipt sum is comprehensive of GST at Rs. 550, and the GST rate is 10%. Receipt sum barring GST = 550/(1+10/100) = 550/1.1 = 500.

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