What is time calculator ?

What Is Time Calculator ?

Defination of Time

Time can be defined as a continuous sequence of events & phenomena and their existence with succession from past to, present & future with an irreversible succession. Time is been the topic of greater curiosity since human history on this planet. In ancient times humans used to make a guess of time according to the position of the sun at day.

What Is Time

History of Time & Time Clocks

Then in 1500 BC ancient Egyptians introduced a device named a 'Sundial' for the measurement of time at that time. This sundial consisted of a plate usually round or rectangular in shape. This plate had a gnomon ( a part that cast a shadow to show time ). Egyptians divided the sunlight duration of the day into 12 equal parts, as the sun moves around the shadow of gnomon move around according to sun movement and indicates the time denotations made on the sundial plate. These 12 divisions of the sundial are quite similar to 12 hours of modern clocks in design but have different duration period. But the sundials could only be used during day light and were not useful at night. 


Greek water clocks( clepsydra) was introduced. These were based on rising water & used to tell time at day & night as well as for an alarm. Then mechanical clocks were put forward by the Europeans in 14th century which were followed by pendulam clocks in 1656.Then world moved to modern day electrical, mechanical and digital clocks for time. 


Standard Time

In 1878, Sanford Fleming said that there must a defined standard time for all the clocks in a geographical region/area. This was lot helpful for timekeeping of trains and many other religious and daily work official tasks. Geographical areas of the world divided into standard time zones in 20th century and the whole world was divided into 24 time zones. 

Standard Time


GMT stands for Greenwich Mean time which is an average(yearly average) of time for each day when sun passes over prime meridian at Greenwich(a town in London including prime meridian-the centre of world). GMT was used by railway clearing house for the regulations of trains. This GMT in 1880, adopted as the standard time for whole country of Great britin. As prime meridian of Greenwich is considered as the centre of the earth, the time of GMT also considered & used as reference time for the different time zones of the world.

As the sandard time of all the time zone of the world is coordinated with this GMT time, this GMT was termed as Coordinated Universal Time & is now abbreviated as UTC. One thing is to note here is that UTC & GMT have no time difference but two different names of same time. 


What is DST 

DST is short for Daylight Saving Time. In 1784, Benjamin Franklin(an American Polymath) gave an idea to align the waking hours by forwarding standard time of clocks by an hour in order to conserve the candles by reducing their use at night. The idea was fruitful as waking an hour earlier at summer brought a considerable decrease in the candle consumption. This DST strategy is still followed by many countries and regions of the world for conserving energy by reducing use of energy at nights in summer. 


What We are Offering

Standard Time of all Time zones and Regions of World

This site brings online ticking clocks for all the countries, states, regions & time zones of the world along with difference of each region with GMT/UTC time, time offset of different time zone with GMT/UTC, DST observation of these region, and DST start and end time of DST in different regions of the world. 

All Time Zones Clocks

Time & date Calculators

In addition to online clockes of all time zone and regions of the world, here you can get time calculator which calculates time in different units of time including milliseconds, seconds, minute, hours, days, weeks, months, & years. Moreover, Date calculator assist you to calculate duration between to different date, days remaining to special event like birthday etc. 

Time & Date

Time Converters

Online time converters interconverts different units of time into each other. The interconvertalbe units of time include  seconds, minute, hours, days, weeks, months, & years.

Time Converter]

To use these online time clocks, time calculators & time converter and further details of these, got to site's home page» calculator» time calculator. 

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