How to use Weight converter?

How To Use Weight Converter?

Weight is the relative mass of the body or the total matter quantity contained by a body or thing. Weight is used to measure the heaviness of a body or thing. A variety of measuring scales had been used to measure weight since ancient times. Different types of measuring scales and units had been used and still, some are in use.


Different countries & regions of the world use different traditional units for the measurement of weight. Moreover, different small & large units are used for the measurement of lighter and heavier things. It is quite tricky to estimate or change the amount of weight from one unit to another because units used for measurement of weight around the world or very dissimilar to each other. 


An international organization( SI i.e System International) has introduced very precise international units of weight which are accepted and used by most countries of the world. But there are many countries that still use some traditional units. This site brings a variety of online weight converters which changes weight from one unit to another irrespective of being traditional or SI(system International Unit).

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Let's have a look at these online weight converters. 


KG to Tons:

 Both kilogram & ton are SI units of mass(weight). This converter changes kilogram to Tons by dividing the given kg by 1000 as a ton comprises 1000kg. 

e.g. 2500kg is 2.5 tons     i.e  2500kg/1000 = 2.5 Tons


Tons to KG: 

This online converter will make kilograms of the given weight in tons. A ton is worth of 1000 kg hence converter changes the larger unit of the ton to a smaller unit kg by multiplying the given amount in tons by 1000.  

e.g 3.33 tons in kg will be         3.33 tons X 1000 = 3330 kg


KG to Grams:

 Both kg & gram are SI units. As the suffix kilo is equal to 1000, 1kg is equal to 1000 grams. This converter multiplies the given weight in kgs by 1000 to change them into grams. 

e.g   5kg in grams will be       5kg X 1000 = 5000 g


Grams to KG: 

This online weight converter will change the given grams into kilograms by dividing them by 1000 as 1000 grams make a kilogram. 

e.g.    10500g in kg will be     10500g / 1000 = 10.5 kg


Grams to Milligrams: 

1 gram is a thousandth part of kg while a milligram(mg) is 1/1000 part of a gram. Here you can change the grams into milligrams. This converter changes grams into mg by multiplying the grams by 1000.

e.g     8 grams in milligrams will be   8g X 1000 = 8000 mg.


Milligrams to Grams: 

This converter changes the given amount of weight from milligrams(mg) to grams(g). 1000mg make a gram. Hence this converter divides the given mg by 1000 to change them into grams. 

e.g    7000 mg in grams will be    7000 / 1000 = 7 grams.


Milligrams to Kilograms: 

Milligram is a much smaller unit as compared to kg as a milligram is 1/1000000 ( one-millionth ) part of a kg. This converter will make kg from very small unit mg by dividing the mg by 1000000.

e.g   70000 mg in kg will be      70000 / 1000000  = 0.070 kg

Weight Units Conversions

Ounce to Kg: 

The ounce is a traditional weight unit being used in the US as a standard unit of weight. It is denoted by 'oz'. An ounce is a comparatively smaller unit than kg as an ounce makes only 0.0283495 kg. This converter changes the given amount of weight in ounces to kg by multiplying them by 0.0283495.

e.g    10 oz in kg will be    10 x 0.0283495 = 0.283495 kg


Pounds to Kg:

 Pounds is a conventional weight(mass) measuring unit used in the UK as well as the US along with other European countries. A pound is denoted as 'lb'. A pound is a relatively smaller unit than a kg. Here you can convert the given weight in pounds into kg. This converter will change pounds into kg by multiplying the given amount of pounds by 0.45359237 as 1 pound is equal to 0.45359237 kg.

e.g   10 pounds in kg will be    10 lb x 0.45359237= 4.5359237 kg 

Weight Conversion Oz, Lb, Kg

Along with the above-mentioned converters, we also offer a variety of other weight converters which can inter-convert different conventional/traditional as well as SI(System International) units. The interconvertible units that you can convert here include microgram, mg, gram, kilogram, tons, metric tons, pounds, & ounce.


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