What are online tools?

What Are Online Tools?

Online Tools are tools that assist you to perform different tasks without any special app or software if you have an internet connection. This site offers plenty of online tools which include different online calculators, values converters, time converters, weight converters, image converters, text tools, PDF tools and an online notepad. The online tool section of the site has an online notepad. Let's dive deep into the features & use of this online notepad. 


What is Online Notepad?

Notepad is a text tool/app introduced in 1983 by Microsoft company. It is for writing text and basic editing of text such as finding, replacing, copying or pasting a text. Moreover, you can choose font size & style, you can open text files of different formats in notepad. This tool allows you to save the written text in a text file. But for using a notepad you must have a compatible device. Usually one requires a PC and a notepad installed on this PC to enjoy notepad features.


But notepad has some limitations as it is not supported on low-end devices & PCs and allows you to only have a limited amount of text on a notepad because notepad can open and edit files of limited sizes and fails to open very large size txt files. Moreover, this size limit is very small for notepads of low-end devices. 


But here you can get an online notepad where you can write, edit, copy, cut, and paste your text. This online notepad does not ask you to download any tool or app for writing or editing text. Let's go through some of the advantages of using this online notepad. 

Online Notepad

Advantages of Online Notepad

Using this online notepad is advantageous in many ways. Let's see how it edges ahead of a traditional notepad. 


  • No need to download the notepad app/tool. 
  • No login or registration is required.
  • Easy to import & open text files from your disc storage to this online notepad. 
  • Online edit-pad with more editing options than the traditional notepad application.
  • With multiformat file support, open a variety of file formats including TXT, HTML, XML, PHP and many other text file formats which you can't open & edit with offline conventional notepad. 
  • Many times you are asked to write something within a restricted word limit. In the offline traditional notepad of your PC, you don't have any idea about how many words you have written or how many words a file contains that you have opened in your notepad. But this online notepad counts the words as well as characters of your text which allows you to write different pieces of text while staying within the words limit. \
  • With the notepad application on your device, mostly you are restricted to a single page. But online notepad allows you to open as many pages as you want. You just copy the URL and open it in a new tab to enjoy multiple notepads at a time. 


Features  Of An Online Notepad

  • This notepad allows you to zoom in & zoom out to write & read the text more conveniently. 
  • You can copy, cut, paste, delete and edit text. You can also undo or redo your made changes to the text. 
  • You can save the written or edited text file manually or can switch to the autosave option from preference. The autosave option saves the written piece of text to cache whenever you switch to another app on your device. Hence there is no chance of losing your written content. 
  • The direct sharing option allows you to share your text pieces through different sharing apps & platforms of your device directly.  
  • You can also print the text you have written directly without saving it to your device. 

Advantage Of Online Notepad


With multiple format support, the options to open multiple pages at a time, copy, cut, paste, delete, & edit text, direct sharing & printing, no need to download an app, no registration or login, luxury to redo or undo your changes and plenty of other features make it a far better option than the offline notepad app. I assure you that this online notepad edges ahead of the traditional app of notepad in many ways. If you are still using the notepad app then switch to this online multi-features notepad tool. 

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