How to use Image Converter?

How To Use Image Converter?

The conversion section of our site has a wonderful multi-format image converter for the users. This converter inter-converts a variety of image formats into each other. Interconvertible formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and Black & White. You can convert any of these formats to any of the other formats using these online converters. 

Image Converter

JPG converters

JPG( Joint Photographic-expert Group) is one of the most popular and most frequently used image formats. It is a small-sized image format. This format is loved because of its small size which takes less storage space, is easy to share and is supported in all sorts of devices of different brands. Following are a few JPG converters which convert JPG files into different file formats. All you need is to open the JPG image in the converter in which you wanna convert and tap the convert button.

  • JPG to PNG: PNG(Portable Network Graphics) is a file format popular among web developers and users of many other fields. This converter changes JPG images to PNG image files within a second without haunting the image quality. 


  • JPG to BMP: This converter changes low-quality compressed small-sized JPG images into uncompressed larger sized high-quality BMP images. BMP(bitmap) is an image format containing picture elements uniformly distributed to form a digital high-quality image. This means that this converter enhances your pixel resolution, quality of the image as well as the size of the image. 


  • JPG to GIF: This converter changes JPG files to GIFs, one of the most loved formats among social media users. GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) is a small animated video or footage which is widely used across different social media platforms to express your emotions and reactions to posts of other users. This converter makes GIFs from your JPG images instantly in seconds without requiring any special GIF app.  

JPG Converters

PNG Converters

Portable Network Graphics(PNG) is yet another widely used and very popular file format. The basic reason behind its popularity is its ability to cope with images having semitransparent as well as transparent backgrounds. PNG files are relatively larger in size as compared to JPG. This Page has three types of PNG converters that convert PNG images to JPG, BMP, & GIF respectively. 

  • PNG to JPG: This converter makes a lossless compression to large size PNG images and changes them to small-sized JPG images without disturbing the basic quality of the image. Just open the PNG image to this converter and get it converted instantly into JPG by clicking the convert button. 



  • PNG to GIF: Rather than download different apps for GIFs packs for use in your social circle, try this online converter which makes GIFs from your PNG images. Convert your favourite images into GIFs with just one click. 


  • PNG to BMP: This converter makes high-quality BMP(bitmap) images with uniformly distributed bits (pixels) from relatively lower quality PNG images. Though PNG is a widely used image format but BPM format has slightly ahead of PNG when it comes to quality. Hence this converter enhances the quality of images while changing them from PNG to BMP. 

PNG Converters

GIF Converters

GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) is a very extensively used and popular way to express your reaction, emotions, feelings, and replies on different social media platforms. If you wanna change different GIFs into image formats then try these GIF converters. 


  • GIF to JPG: This converter changes your in-motion short animated videos of GIFs into low-sized JPG images. The JPG image made from GIF comprises the initial object & its initial position in the short GIF video. 


  • GIF to PNG: This converter Converter makes PNG(Portable Network Graphic) from your social media or other GIF files. Just open the GIF file in this converter and change it into PNG with a single tap on the convert button. 


  • GIF to BMP: This converter will change your moving short animated GIF videos into high quality motion-less large size BMP videos. 

GIF Converters

BMP COnverters

BMP is short for 'bitmap' and is often called bump. It is high pixel quality large size image format . BMP converters on  this page allows you to easily convert your BMP images to JPG, PNG, & GIF file formats instantly & conveniently. 

BMP Converters

Image to Black & White

A coloured image is made up of different proportion of three type of basic colours i.e RGB(Red, Green & Blue). While a black & white image has equal amount of each of RGB(Red, Green, Blue) colours. This converter changes coloured images into B&W by equalizing the pixel amount of each colour.

Black & White Image  Converter


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